Troyan Monastery

Troyan Monastery Uspenie Bogorodichno (The Assumption of Mary) is indisputably the greatest historical and cultural attraction in the region. It is located 10 kilometers away from Troyan on the bank of the Cherni Osam River. Founded in the late XVIth century it is one of the largest and most famous Bulgarian monasteries - the third largest in the country. The Monestary is famous for its architecture, carvings and amazing frescoes in the monastery church - the work of Zachary Zograph - one of the greatest artists of Bulgarian Renaissance. Moreover, the monastery was a famous cultural center and a true revolutionary center in the middle of the XIXth century - the Museum of Vassil Levski in the monastery. The monastery is also famous with its miraculous icon of Virgin Mary.

Services in the Troyan Monastery:

Holidays and Sunday mornings: from 7:30 am and in the afternoon from 5.00 pm

Weekdays: 6:30 am, afternoon from 5.00 pm

Address: Oreshak village, Stara Planina Street

Workdays: everyday

Phone: +3596952/28 66 or +3596952/2480

Museum of Traditional Crafts and Applied Arts in Troayan

Museum of Traditional Crafts and Applied Arts - "Ethnographic Museum" - the only museum of traditional crafts and arts in Bulgaria, is located in Troyan. Here you can see beautiful examples of craftsmanship such as kobilitsa (rocker), vodnik (core lead), bridal chest, paralii(smallround table), wine vessels and wooden bowls. Woodcarvers of the Trojan region are famous for their iconostasis, royal gates and thrones.

  • Address: Troyan, Vazrajdane square 1
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Sunday by appointment
  • Phone: 0670/220 62 , 220 63

National Exhibition of Folk Crafts

National Exhibition of Folk Crafts - located 10 km away from  Troyan - in Oreshak village. The exhibition is built on 50 acres., has 9 exhibition halls with a total exhibition area of ​​4,500 square meters and multi-purpose conference room. The main objective of the exhibition is to present the original Bulgarian artistic genius - traditional craft  and to support their development.This is done through differnet exhibitons with participation of artists from the whole territory of Bulgaria as well as international guests.


For more information about events of NEFC, please visit:

Natural History Museum Cherni Osam

Natural History Museum Cherni Osam-the most attractive destination for visitors of the region. The collection of the museum is the work of the enthusiasm, knowledge and years of work / since 1956 / of the local teacher Iliya Christov. In the museum are exhibited more than 700 exponents including all speices inhabiting the Central Stara Planina mountain. In the amusmenet hall that icnlude moving animals and real voices of beasts and birds has been recreated the wonderful world of nature. The museum is an excellent experimental basis for lessons in natural history for  many schools in the country.

Address: Village of Cherni Osam

Work days: Monday - Sunday from 08.00 am till 05.00 pm

Phone: +3596962/371

Lovech town

Lovech town - Lovech is situated on the border of the Danube plain and foothills of Stara Planina Mountain. Only 150 km away from Sofia, 30 km away from Troyan and 45 km away from Chiflik village. Located on both sides of the Osam river. It is well known for attractions such as: Lovech fortress, bridge of Kolyo Ficheto, covered bridge over the river Osam, Historical-Architectural Reserve "Varosha", museum "Vasil Levski", the Regional History Museum, etc. In the region of Lovech can also be visited -Devetashka cave, cave "Saeva dupka", the locality "Maarata."

Krushuna Falls

Krushuna Falls are located in Northern Bulgaria, near the village Krushuna only 34 km away from the town of Lovech. A path with a beautiful view leads to the cave where the river springs. In the area there are two smaller waterfalls and one of them is called  Little Maara. Some other caves are also found in the vicinity - Urushka Maara, Gornik, Devetaki Cave.

Terziisko Village

Terziisko Village - is located in Stara Planina mountain, 12 km away from the town of Troyan. It is the only village in the area located on the hills offering superb panoramic views of the highest peaks of Stara Planina Mountain.. The famous painter Tsvyatko Dochev was born and lives in Terziisko.  His works are exhibited in the National Art Gallery in Sofia, private collections of our country and abroad : France,Italy,Germany,USA,Japan,India and Kuwait.

Opportunities for tourism and sport

Hiking - scenic trails in the mountains.

Rope Park "Katerichka" - attraction is suitable for children and adults. A system of different elements (beams, rope ladders, ropes, mountain trolleys etc..) is installed among the trees in an ancient forest. Hiking along the park is associated with high energy emotionsand adrenaline and can be performed by any guest of the hotel with the suitable equipment and after the relevant instructage  . In cooperation with "Balkan Ecotours Extreme" Ltd.

Bicycle Rental - Available as entertainment during your holidayor as specially prepared mountain bycile routes.

Eco trails  - Sport orientation or walks in the forestswill allow you to enjoy the most beautiful part of the Central Balkan.

Horse riding base in the village Balkanets - qualified instructor offers individual and group training in manege or a horse ride  in the woods with elite horses.

Moto Track - Near Troyan is located a motocross racing track with length  of 1550 m It hosts the World Championship in class MH3 and European Motocross Championship EMH2 as well as  Eastern European Motocross Championship in classes 65ss, 85ss, MX1, MX2, MH3 and ATV.

Local Holidays and Traditions

Municipality of Troyan organizes every year a variety of cultural events. For updated culture events calendar of the municipality, please visit:

The last week of June

A local holiday of herbs,  mountains and tourism is held annualy near Troyan passage.

 Atthe end of July, and the beginnig of August there is a horse race in Debnevo village, near Troyan.

The last Saturday of September

Traditional local celebrations of plum and plum rakia. i the process of making of rakia is recreated in  the centre of Troyan followed by rakia tasting.